Perhaps Saturday and Sunday made up the weekend when winter arrived in Washington in the year 2021. Together, the two days provided vital ingredients. We had a few snowflakes and ample wind, clouds and cold.

When the mercury slid to 26 degrees on Saturday, that day ruled as the new year’s coldest. But Sunday soon seized the title with its morning low of 25.

Saturday, with an average temperature three degrees below normal, and Sunday, four degrees below normal, were the first below-normal days all month.

Winter visits here annually, and we can be wintry even without below-normal temperatures. But the relatively cold weekend perhaps portended seasonal discomforts still to be unleashed.

If Sunday contributed cold and clouds to our show of winter, Saturday helped, too. With an average wind of 15.8 mph, according to National Weather Service figures, it was the month’s windiest day. Saturday also forbade us from asserting, whether in perplexity or pleasure, that we have not had a trace of snow all year.

Enough flakes fell to permit the Weather Service to report just that much, officially: a trace.