A security guard shot and wounded a would-be robber during a gun battle inside a Suitland area pawn shop Tuesday afternoon, and police took into custody three men they say intended to hold up the store.

The spasm of violence at First Cash Pawn on Silver Hill Road began shortly before before 1:15 p.m., when two masked men, one of them carrying a handgun, walked into the store, police said. The man with the gun exchanged shots with a store security guard, and then he and the other man rushed to a getaway car with a third person inside, authorities said.

One of the would-be robbers was shot during the encounter, and the other two dropped him off at a nearby hospital, authorities said. But officers soon stopped that car and took the pair into custody, along with the man they left at the hospital, authorities said. Prince George’s County police spokesman Nicole Hubbard said it was unclear how serious his wounds were.

Police did not immediately release the names of any of those involved or say what charges they are facing. Hubbard said the security guard was also taken to the hospital with injuries thought to be minor, and it was unclear if he was shot or injured in some other way.