A D.C. Superior Court judge said Tuesday that she was considering ordering a Virginia-based gun rights activist released from jail and into a high-intensity supervision program as he awaits trial.

Adam Kokesh, 31, has been in D.C. jail since July 25, when he was arrested for carrying a firearm in the District outside of his home or office. The charge stems from a video Kokesh posted of himself apparently loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza on Independence Day.

The 23-second video on YouTube shows Kokesh holding a 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun and loading what appeared to be live shells while speaking into the camera, according to court records. Kokesh is then seen racking the slide of the shotgun. A caption in the video says Kokesh is in Freedom Plaza.

At a Tuesday hearing, Judge Patricia A. Broderick said she needed verifiable proof of Adam Kokesh’s address in Virginia before she would consider placing him on GPS monitoring or home confinement.

Prosecutors continued to object to Kokesh’s release. Broderick ordered prosecutors to submit a response in writing, upon which she would render her decision. At a previous hearing last month, Kokesh’s attorney, Peter Cooper, told a judge his client lived with eight roommates in a house in Herndon.

Also during the hearing, prosecutors said they were working on a putting together a plea deal, which is common in such cases. A tentative trial date was set for Oct. 24.

About two dozen of Kokesh’s friends and supporters, many of them wearing T-shirts that read, “Adam is the man” and “Free Adam,” converged on the courthouse.