A sinkhole is creating traffic woes for drivers in Mount Pleasant, according to a recent post on the citizen reporting Web site SeeClickFix.

A driver reported that the sinkhole, located in the 3700 block of 16th Street near Spring Road in Northwest, was previously repaired by the city but remains a hazard.

“It is in­cred­ibly dangerous and continues to be neglected,” the driver wrote. “Commuters hit it going both to and from work as it is in the lane that opens up as a third lane during each rush hour.”

The driver noted that the District tried to remedy the situation by covering the sinkhole with “steel plates that dip, bend and arch, and are no longer tightly secured. It’s like putting a band-aid on a broken bone — it doesn’t fix the problem,” the driver wrote.

SeeClickFix, a Washington Post partner site, directs complaints to appropriate municipal agencies, which can then respond to the gripes. In this case, the District’s 311 service acknowledged the issue, but the problem has not been resolved.

Tell us: Has the sinkhole on 16th Street given you trouble? Are there other road hazards or civic issues that officials should know about? Share your experiences in the comments below or log complaints with SeeClickFix at The Gripe.

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