For all the tourists drawn here to blend inspiration with perspiration, for all the interns eager to encounter the elements at their worst, for all the residents keen to crank up the air conditioning, Washington’s summer thus far must be disappointing.

Hot, certainly. But without the scorching, searing, unbearable heat that so many people who make their homes here expect, accept, endure and glory in.

On Monday, the mercury failed to reach 90 degrees. As of late afternoon, the high reading at Reagan National Airport was a mere 87. Two degrees below normal. Nothing like last year’s 102.

Of the eight days this month, five have had high temperatures in the 80s. Only three have been in the 90s, and the warmest of those came on the weekend, with 92 on both Saturday and Sunday.

The highest reading of the year came June 25. It was 94.

Contrast this with 2012, when July 4 was 99, July 5 and 6 were 100, and July 7 was 105. Those were hot days.

Of course, it may get worse. Many hot days may lie ahead. On Sunday, Washington entered its period of greatest heat, as the normal daily high rose to 89. The high does not drop to 88 until July 23.