How’d you like a little back and forth with Pope Francis? It’s not totally far-fetched.

Francis wowed even fans of his openness in October by asking bishops around the world to gather feedback from Catholics ahead of a major fall meeting on family issues including divorce, cohabitation and same-sex marriage. As the one-year anniversary of Francis’ election approaches on March 13, we’re putting some of his actual questions out there and want to hear from you. The Pope Asks will pose new Francis questions each day, and we’ll round up a mix of the best responses in future posts and in the newspaper.

The Pope Asks series can be found here and will be updated as we share more questions (and answers).

This is a link to the actual survey, though we’ve edited some questions for brevity. The survey was directed to bishops, so some edits reflect our desire to hear from any and all readers, not just bishops. You’ll see the pope’s questions are deep and curious.

Let’s start with a question from Francis’ section called “Pastoral Care of the Family.” Please share your answer in the comments section. If you’d like to answer a larger set of questions based on the survey, click here to tell us more.

We look forward to hearing from you on this question: Considering the gap today between older and younger people, how can parents pass their faith to children?