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The race for Virginia governor

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Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe are squaring off in a battle to replace Gov. Robert McDonnell in Richmond.


If Kaine becomes vice president, McAuliffe can fill his Senate seat

(Katherine Frey / The Washington Post)

Virginia’s governor may want to make history by appointing a woman or a minority.


Sen. Timothy M. Kaine of Virginia chosen as Hillary Clinton’s VP

(Melina Mara / The Washington Post)

In a year dominated by Donald Trump, her ticket prizes experience and traditional public service.

Loudoun prosecutor sues Virginia Gov. McAuliffe for list of restored felons

Prosecutors want to check the list for potential felons on juries and say that McAuliffe has refused to provide it.


Cuccinelli’s floor fight draws rebukes, fans — and attention

(Ricky Carioti / The Washington Post)

He says it was about principle. Some wonder what else he’s after — including a possible bid for the U.S. Senate next year.


Tim Kaine as vice president? That would leave a key opening in the Senate.

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The jockeying has begun in Virginia in anticipation of another round of political musical chairs 

Attempts to unbind GOP delegates crushed, effectively ending ‘Never Trump’ movement

Closed-door meetings seek to stop a revolt that has been in the works for weeks.


We could use some interstate cooperation on interstate highways

(Linda Davidson / The Washington Post)

Capital Beltway bridges are left out of improvement plans.


McAuliffe announces $266 million shortfall in Virginia budget

(Katherine Frey / The Washington Post)

Sales and withholding taxes lagged behind projections, hinting at weakness in state’s economy.

What to expect from Virginia’s Atlantic Gateway projects

The program will have a big impact on local and long-distance travel, but parts of it are still evolving.