The White House will be measuring its fence on Thursday, in preparation for installing sharp points to prevent any more people from climbing over it.

After high-profile fence-jumping incidents at the White House, including one in which a man with a knife made it far into the building, the Secret Service and National Park Service said in a statement that they would put sharp metal points on top of the White House fence.

That work will start in July and will take about a month, the agencies said. The points will be removeable, so that they can be replaced by a long-term security solution later.

To prepare, government contractors will be taking the measurements of the fence on Thursday, so the spikes can be manufactured, the Secret Service said in a statement. Due to the work, onlookers who come to Pennsylvania Avenue to gaze at the White House will be kept farther away than usual from some parts of the fence.

The work will start at 6 a.m. and last about eight hours, the statement said.