Billy the goat (Washington Humane Society)

D.C. police responded to a call last week about a suspicious character on the lam — well, more like on the lamb.

A pygmy goat was spotted running down the street in Northeast Washington, on V Street between 31st and 33rd streets. Police corralled it, and after three days at the Washington Humane Society, it was moved to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Md.

Goats are not legal pets in the District, and nobody saw where this one — a male about 1-year-old whom humane society staff named Billy — arrived from, ChristieLyn Diller, a humane society spokeswoman, said. Billy may have wandered away from a suburb where goats can be raised legally, or gotten out of a vehicle passing through Washington or been raised illegally in the District.

During his three-day stay at the humane society, Diller said that Billy initially hid shyly under the stairs. It eventually seemed to enjoy climbing in the agility run ordinarily used for dogs. “He got to hang out in the sun and enjoy his visit,” Diller said. “They’re social. They do like to go on ramps and slides and things. We have ramps and hula hoops for them to go through.”

No one has come forward to claim ownership of Billy, but a few people have expressed an interest in adopting him from Poplar Spring, Diller said.

In the meantime, she said, he is set to be neutered. Then he can play with the other goats at the animal sanctuary. “He’ll have some goat friends.”

Diller said that although Billy was in good health when he was picked up on the streets of D.C., he did not seem to be pining for urban life. Animal control officer Beth Phillips was surprised at how calmly Billy let her put a leash on him when she came to pick him up.

Diller said Billy knew his ad­ven­ture was over. “He was ready to go.”