Taxis in the District will soon sport a uniform color scheme. Sample colors are going on display Monday. (Bill O'Leary/WASHINGTON POST)

Coming up today in the D.C. area:

D.C. taxicab colors: Four possible color schemes for D.C. taxicabs will go on display today at the Verizon Center. Residents will be able to vote for their favorite hue.

Albrecht Muth’s mental state: Competency hearings for Albrecht Muth, the man charged with fatally beating his Georgetown socialite wife last year, are scheduled to continue today.

Electric taxis in Arlington:The county board is set to vote on a proposal to launch a 40-car fleet of all-electric taxicabs, the first such fleet in the U.S.

Today’s forecast: Dense morning fog is expected to give way to a warm day. A chill will return Tuesday.