The pandemic and recession mean slashed budgets and disruption for roads, bridges and transit plans.

Extreme weather already is stressing America’s aging infrastructure.

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Employees said in focus groups that they lacked confidence in their leaders to prioritize safety and stand up to Boeing and other big companies.

The woman, who landed a few feet from the electrified third rail, was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, Metro said.

The allegations involve a Boeing plant in South Carolina where the 787 Dreamliner is built.

President Trump named Justice Department lawyer Eric Soskin to the post amid a broader a shake-up at inspector general offices.

“If we invest now it will ignite economic activity across the country,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said during a virtual news conference with national transit chiefs. “Investing in mass transit now, means that hard working families can rely on the subway and bus to earn a living.”

As disputes over cost overruns continue, the firms building the light-rail line say they're preparing to quit.

A Red Line train derailed at Silver Spring last month after the operator ran a ran red signal.

The announcement is the clearest sign yet that the jet could soon be cleared to resume flying.

Information could be used to find strategies to reduce impact on residents.

Supporters say the move shows a commitment to funding and promoting construction of the interconnected trail system.

Manufacturing group accused Metro of sidestepping a ‘Buy American’ clause for new rail cars.

Demand for flights hasn’t recovered quickly as the coronavirus continues to spread, putting tens of thousands of jobs on the line.

A first-of-its-kind analysis raises questions about the practice of civil forfeiture at the nation’s airports.

Democrats say contractors violated the intent of a program to keep workers on the job

Transit providers ask Congress for up to $32 billion in additional funds to stay solvent.

The unions say a single national rule is necessary to protect workers and the public from the coronavirus.

Streets and parking around the Capitol will be restricted through Wednesday.

City officials say plans are to add more car-free lanes before pre-coronavirus traffic returns.

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