There are growing concerns that number of options could complicate matters.

A typical seven-mile trip on weekdays would average $4 to $5, the state says.

A citizen’s panel has started reviewing internal affairs investigations into officers.

The agency said the plane maker also had agreed to pay $1.2 million to resolve two other enforcement cases.

The internal watchdog recommended updates to how the agency reviews aircraft designs and oversees the Boeing employees who work on its behalf.

In a compromise, Metro committed to speeding up construction of an entrance and to posting signs to point travelers to Capital One Hall in Tysons.

The decision follows problems on flights near Denver, Honolulu and in Japan.

A proposal would withhold the funding unless the transit agency renames the McLean station to include “Capital One Hall.”

The state has no money to finalize the design or pay for billions in construction, officials say.

FAA preparing stepped up inspections of fan blades following earlier incidents in Hawaii and Japan.

Amid city backlash, the federal agency is rethinking the size and location of parking at Washington’s busiest transit hub.

The new 14-gate concourse will replace the infamous Gate 35X.

International travelers will have the option of providing information to aid in coronavirus tracking.

Crews have been out overnight treating roads, but officials say overpasses and bridges may still have slick spots and black ice.

If the “predevelopment agreement” is approved, the firms would work toward a 50-year deal to build the lanes.

Amid opposition, the Virginia Senate voted to study a proposal that bike advocates said could save lives.

The name change from McCarran International Airport must be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The cost to ride the train won’t change, even with lower service during peak periods.

The announcement followed a meeting between White House officials and airline CEOs.

Metro’s Capitol South station ranks among the most polluted in the Northeast, researchers say.

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