To improve conditions, the report recommended a “road diet,” changing markings to create three travel lanes — two northbound, one southbound.

Maryland, some lawmakers say, should negotiate with other states to share information about drivers with outstanding toll bills.

The shift in hours will bring Metrobus service to 85 percent of what it was prior to the pandemic.

Transportation experts are calling for undoing the polluting and community-bulldozing practices of earlier national pushes. Lawmakers are divided on the path forward.

Since January, the FAA had used special enforcement powers to crack down on passengers who refuse to listen to crew members.

Findings follow a collision, derailment and red light overruns in Metro rail yards

A Metro maintenance vehicle derailed after service hours but caused no injures.

Access to the Capitol Building and Capitol Square also will be restricted, according to police.

Starting Tuesday through the end of the year, Metrorail will keep stations that are near local sporting venues open for 30 minutes after the end of a game that stretches beyond 11 p.m.

Escalators at the Gallery Place-Chinatown station and several others are set to be replaced starting Monday.

The owner of a Virginia property that the service needs to operate said the counties should not seize her land.

Stepped-up cleaning and people seeking alternatives during toilet paper shortages have led to increased wipes usage.

Critics say the panel lacks power to bring about serious change since it cannot interrogate or discipline officers.

Legislation would also require passengers wear masks on airplanes and in airports during public health emergencies caused by a respiratory disease.

A new 14-gate concourse replaced 35X, Reagan National’s most infamous gate.

From June 1 to Sept. 30, all overdue parking, photo-enforcement and moving violation tickets can be paid without penalty, Bowser said.

The airy 230,000-square-foot space, which opens Tuesday, is the airport’s biggest upgrade since 1997.

The company hasn’t indicated to the Federal Highway Administration that it plans to move forward with the project after drafting an environmental assessment.

The $25.6 billion budget proposal includes funds for transit, rail and efforts on racial justice.

American Airlines will begin service out of the new 14-gate concourse on Tuesday.

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