Both the Justice Department and Transportation Department’s Office of Inspector General have made inquiries.

Federal officials are satisfied that the new Metrorail Safety Commission can monitor the subway system.

A broken down piece of Metro equipment is causing delays on three rail lines

The president took the lead on matters typically left to the FAA.

A jackscrew, a device regulating the trim that raises and lowers the plane’s nose, indicated the jet was configured to dive.

A team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working with Austin health officials to examine hundreds of injuries in what officials say is “kind of like a disease outbreak investigation.”

Lingering delays are possible.

The victim appeared to step onto the tracks intentionally, officials said.

Officials said technical work on the devices would begin Friday. Meanwhile, Boeing halted delivery of the plane but said production continues.

Proposals to extend rush-hour periods and institute a $2 flat fare for weekends failed to make the cut.

Riders on Metro's Orange Line face delays.

Delays stretched for two miles, authorities said.

The injured bird was rescued from the tracks near the Morgan Boulevard station in Prince George’s County during Wednesday afternoon’s rush hour.

A crash caused delays on I-395 north.

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Homes and playgrounds abut I-495. It’s hard to imagine they’d survive a bigger Beltway.

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