A convenience store in Anne Arundel County sold a winning $189 million lottery ticket, , Maryland State lottery officials said, but the person who bought the ticket had not come forward as of Wednesday morning.

The Mega Millions ticket that was drawn as a winner Tuesday night was purchased at a store called Dash In, which is located at 7845 Quarterfield Road in Severn.

“Sometimes the winner comes in quickly and sometimes it can take awhile, depending on the shock level,” said Carole Everett, a spokesman for the Maryland Lottery.

Sometimes, she said, winners take their time and talk to family, lawyers or financial advisors before claiming their prize money.

“Everybody’s different,” in how fast they choose to come forward, Everett said. She cited the example of Ellwood “Bunky” Bartlett, a former accountant in Dundalk, Md., who won $82.5 million in 2007 and was “out in front of the media before we knew who won.”

“We see everything from pure joy to subdued shock,” Everett said.

Tuesday night’s winner has 182 days to appear in person at the lottery claim center with proper identification, including a social security card and a driver’s license, and stake a claim to the prize money. Once the winner’s identity is verified, officials said they typically release his or her name — unless the person requests anonymity.

Everett said that some winners find inventive and unusual places to hide their lucky tickets until they report to the claim center. She’s heard of winners keeping their tickets in a Bible, a bra or the freezer, and of a plumber who kept his ticket behind some pipes.

Her suggestion: Lottery players should immediately sign their ticket as soon as they buy it. That way, in case they lose it, no one else can try to cash it in for the winnings.

Not all of the Tuesday night’s jackpot will go directly to the winner.

There is a cash-up-front option under which the winner would receive $129.7 million. Then there’s those pesky things called taxes to pay.

If the winner takes the cash option, he or she will receive $129.7 million before taxes and $86 million after taxes, according to lottery officials. Maryland will be allotted $11.3 million in taxes, and the Dash In store will receive a $100,000 commission for selling the winning ticket.

It is the second time this year that the winning ticket in a Maryland jackpot has been sold within the state. In late February, a Mt. Airy woman won a $26 million jackpot.

“We hope they come forward soon,” Everett said. “Sometimes it is a waiting game.”

The winning numbers in Tuesday night’s drawing were 7, 10, 30, 37, 53 and Mega Ball 1.