A pair of knives — one of them a switchblade — were found hidden in the carry-on luggage of a woman boarding a flight bound for Beijing at Dulles International Airport on Thursday, federal officials said.

The luggage was being carried by a passenger identified by airport authorities as Faye Chen, 51, of Mount Airy. Chen was charged with carrying a dangerous article in the airport, a misdemeanor under Virginia law.

After the two knives were confiscated, Chen was allowed to continue on the flight to China, the Transportation Security Administration said.

The TSA said the two knives were “artfully concealed” in the lining of the carry-on luggage that Chen put on the conveyor belt at a security checkpoint.

One was a switchblade with a brown wooden handle and a four-inch blade. The other was what is known as a “boot knife” because it is designed to be carried inside the top of a boot. It had a three-inch blade.

Both knifes had been taped in place under the lining of the carry-on bag. They were detected by the TSA X-ray machine.