The District
DDOT urged to act
on 16th St. bus lane

The D.C. Department of Transportation is being urged, again, to advance a plan for a bus lane on the 16th Street NW corridor.

The idea was pushed at a public hearing in which residents commented on DDOT’s proposed long-range transportation plan, moveDC. The plan identifies several major bus corridors, including 16th Street, as potential places for dedicated bus lanes.

Kishan Putta, a member of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission for the Dupont Circle area, said residents are glad moveDC would make investments in bus service, but they don’t want the long-term plan to delay more immediate plans for 16th Street.

Putta urged the city to move forward with a bus lane feasibility study for the corridor; the agency already has funding to conduct the study, he said.

Bus riders along 16th Street NW have long complained about the chronic commuting problems on the S lines, which connect Silver Spring to downtown D.C. Traffic congestion causes frequent delays and buses often are too full to pick up more passengers.

— Luz Lazo

The Region
More eight-car trains for Metro Blue Line riders

You can’t blame Blue Line riders for feeling like they’re getting the short end of the stick. The start of Silver Line service later this month means a longer wait between Blue Line trains.

But on Wednesday, Metro officials hoped to appease riders with the announcement that up to half of all rush-hour Blue Line trains will be eight cars. If you start the clock at the top of the hour — and the trains are running on time — that translates to roughly two an hour in each direction. It’s a move that will add room for roughly 200 more passengers. Currently, only one eight-car Blue Line train runs during rush hour.

It may not make up for the fact that two Blue Line trains per hour will be converted to Yellow trains to accommodate the Silver Line, but it’s something.

Lori Aratani


The number of Washington area residents expected to drive more than 50 miles from home over the long July 4th holiday weekend, according to AAA.