Five top officials at the Federal Aviation Administration submitted their resignations Thursday. The departures come on the same day that Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced she was leaving the Trump administration, saying she was “deeply troubled” by the assault on the Capitol by supporters of the president.

“This evening the Secretary and the Administrator received resignation letters from all our non-career staff members here at FAA,” wrote FAA chief of staff Angela Stubblefield. “These resignations will be effective Monday evening. Our colleagues’ decisions, given the gravity of yesterday’s events, are understandable. Like all of us, they are outraged by the brazen and violent attack on one of the sacred institutions of American democracy.”

The five stepping down next week: Arjun Garg, chief counsel and acting deputy FAA administrator; Brianna Manzelli, assistant administrator for communications; Kirk Shaffer, assistant administrator for airports; Bailey Edwards, assistant administrator for policy, international affairs and environment; and Andrew Giacini, acting administrator for legislative affairs

FAA Administrator Stephen Dickson alluded to the departures in a video message posted Thursday that denounced Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol.

Dickson thanked them for “their extraordinary leadership in this agency, their steadfast focus on safety and their tremendous support that they have given me.”

All declined to comment on their departures, but in an email sent to his colleagues Thursday, Garg called his time at the FAA the best job of his life. However, he said he could not abide what happened Wednesday.

“Shock. Disgust. Dismay. Like you, I felt those emotions when watching what transpired yesterday at the Capitol. I cannot abide it,” he wrote. “I am tremendously disappointed to leave this agency and my colleagues under these circumstances. Yet, I am taking with me pride in what we have accomplished together, respect for FAA’s dedicated professionals, and gratitude for the opportunity to have served my country. This has been the best job of my life. I will miss it. I will miss you.”

But he urged his colleagues to continue their work.

“Although I will not be continuing the journey with you, I bid you all to stay focused on doing your jobs and being good citizens. Public service is a trust. Don’t let what went wrong yesterday knock you off of doing what’s right going forward. You and our country have many successes ahead.”