The sign as seen Wednesday outside the Giant location on H Street. (Robin Givhan/For The Washington Post, via Twitter (@RobinGivhan))

Giant is coming to H Street NE, but it looks as if the grocery store might need a little more “quality” control.

In big, purple letters over the entrance of the store, which is set to open soon, the chain misspelled one of its own slogans, calling itself the “quailty food people.”

No, the store will not be some sort of quailcentric Giant outpost, notwithstanding its location along the sizzling H Street corridor.

Robin Givhan, a Washington Post contributing writer, noted the mistake on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon. A few hours later, after a reporter contacted Giant about the error, the misspelled sign was removed.

Jamie Miller, a spokesman for Giant, acknowledged in a statement that part of the sign was “installed out of order” and had to be fixed.

And in case you’re wondering: Yes, Giant does sell quail. Miller noted that Giant “traditionally carries exceptional quality quail” during the holidays.