Advice and options for Metrorail users

Starting May 25, six Metro stations on the Blue and Yellow lines south of Reagan National Airport will be closed for platform reconstruction and major station improvements. The stations will remain closed through Sept. 8 — that’s 107 days. Here’s what you need to know.

The stations that will be closed are:

Braddock Road

King Street-Old Town

Eisenhower Avenue


Van Dorn Street


Metro will offer free parking at Huntington, Franconia-Springfield and Van Dorn Street to encourage riders to use carpooling and free shuttle buses.

Free express and local shuttle bus service will be provided while the stations are closed. Plan to add 30 minutes of travel time to your commute.

Some alternatives:

Franconia — Pentagon Express

Express shuttle between Franconia-Springfield and Pentagon stations.

Blue Line shuttle

Shuttle between Franconia-Springfield, Van Dorn Street, King Street-Old Town and National Airport stations. No stop at Braddock Road.

Huntington — Pentagon Express

Express shuttle between Huntington and Pentagon stations.

Yellow Line shuttle

Shuttle between Huntington, Eisenhower Avenue, King Street-Old Town, Braddock Road and Crystal City stations. No stop at National Airport.

Metrobus options include routes 8Z, 10A, 10E, 11Y, 21A and Metroway. Metro plans to offer additional buses on several of these routes to manage demand during the shutdown. Alexandria’s DASH bus and the Fairfax Connector will also provide extra service during the shutdown.

Metro has created a trip-planning tool to help riders during the shutdown. Plug in your starting point and destination, and the tool will help you plan your trip around the closures. To use the tool, go to w t/.

Source: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority