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Lime relaunches scooters in Baltimore for essential medical personnel

BALTIMORE — Lime relaunched four dozen of its peppy black and green scooters Saturday to help essential medical personnel get to work while maintaining social distancing.

The company announced that about 50 scooters will be deployed in downtown Baltimore near the University of Maryland Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Mercy Medical Center as well as around the Inner Harbor. Lime pulled its scooters from cities all across the country, including Baltimore, earlier this year.

It’s part of the company’s Lime Aid program aimed at helping doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians get to work while maintaining social distancing protocols. During the pandemic, essential medical personnel can receive a 30-minute scooter ride free.

The rides are intended to be used for essential travel only, such as to a grocery store, pharmacy or hospital. Medical personnel can sign up for them on the company’s website,

“We understand there might be apprehension about taking public transit right now,” Robert Gardner, Lime’s director of government relations, wrote in an email. “We wanted to provide an alternative that helps essential workers get where they need to go safely. This is a moment for everyone to come together and we hope Lime Aid can have a positive impact in assisting the heroes saving lives in Baltimore hospitals.”

Lime has launched similar programs in such cities as Washington and Nashville. Russell Murphy, Lime’s communications manager for North America East, said they are being well-received.

“Micromobility is filling a really important transportation gap at this time,” he said.

— Baltimore Sun