Metro officials on Thursday issued their formal written response to a draft federal report that raised serious questions about the authority’s handling of billions in federal grant funds.

The response explains the steps officials are taking to fix the issues that were identified in the federal report.

After Metro’s responses are added to the document, a final report is expected to be completed in early May.

The draft report stated that Metro officials violated federal contracting rules, including awarding a $14 million, no-bid contract to a vendor who had access to non-public information that would have given it an advantage over others competing for the job.

It also said that Metro officials appeared to steer business to favored contractors, even though those firms lacked the experience to ably handle the work.

The response comes on the heels of a public hearing, which was held Monday.

During the hearing, Metro’s top executives said they concurred with the findings in the federal report, but they blamed most of the problems on a previous management team.