The Army conducted a helicopter training exercise midday Wednesday in the D.C. region.

The one-hour training flight involved helicopters from the Army Air Operations Group, 12th Aviation Battalion. It started at Davison Army Airfield and involved helicopters going along routes in the D.C. area that included the Potomac River, Fort Washington, Haines Point, the Tidal Basin, Cabin John, along the I-95 Greenbelt corridor and south of Joint Base Andrews.

There is another training scheduled for early Thursday in the area, officials said.

Jets will conduct exercises in the D.C. region between midnight and 5:30 a.m. Thursday. That exercise is part of an Air Force, Coast Guard and Civil Air Patrol drill, according to the Air Force.

The helicopter exercise was the 12th Aviation Battalion’s final flight with its current fleet of UH-72 Lakota and VH-60A Black Hawk helicopters before they are replaced by UH-60L Black Hawks, the Army said. The exercise is to test readiness, including “a multi-ship operation with a mixed battalion formation flight,” it said.

Five years ago, there was confusion and concern after media outlets reported shots being fired from a Coast Guard vessel on a boat in the Potomac River. But it turned out it was a training exercise.

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