A truck headed south from Baltimore plunged from Interstate 95 in Howard County shortly before noon Monday, exploding in a fire ball that killed its driver and leaving its detached trailer sprawled across two lanes of the highway, police said.

Sgt. Marc Black of the Maryland State Police said there was no indication of what caused the trailer to come unhitched from the truck and tumble on its side, blocking two of the interstate’s four lanes and bringing southbound traffic to a crawl.

Black said the truck traveled a short distance farther, plowed through a fence near the Patapsco River Bridge and dropped about 150 feet into a park below.

“The truck was fully engulfed [by flames] and the sole occupant of the truck is deceased,” Black said.

He did not identify the driver and could not identify the company which operated the truck. He said the trailer was fully loaded but he did not know what it contained.

With the trailer on its side, Black said it would take time to upright it, clear the roadway, repair the fence and restore the normal flow of traffic.

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