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Vulgarity used by president projected onto Trump hotel in D.C.

Activists projected the word "shithole" on the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington on Jan. 13. (Video: Reuters)

The expletive President Trump used last week in a discussion about immigration in the Oval Office and other slogans were projected Saturday night onto an outer wall of the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington.

Video footage posted on Twitter shows the word "SHITHOLE" and poop emoji projected on the wall of the hotel. An arrow, also apparently projected on the building, points to the arched doorway.

The pictures appear on the Twitter feed of Robin Bell, who has previously projected wording critical of the president onto the hotel.

He has become known as a kind of projectionist provocateur and something of a "hit-and-run editorial writer," as David Montgomery described him last year in The Washington Post.

The Fix’s Eugene Scott explains how Trump’s “shithole countries” comment is the latest example of his history of demeaning statements on nonwhite immigrants. (Video: Bastien Inzaurralde/The Washington Post, Photo: Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

The president, in a discussion last week on immigration policy, used "shithole" to refer to certain countries from which large-scale immigration was undesirable, according to people present at the meeting.

The Washington Post saw the posted photographs but did not actually see the words at the time they were projected. Bell said he had focused his projector onto the building for about 40 minutes. He was interviewed afterward.