Thousands of exuberant University of Maryland students, cheering and shouting, poured outdoors Saturday night in what appeared to be a lively, boisterous and generally orderly celebration of their basketball team’s upset victory over Duke University.

As of about an hour after the end of the game, with many hundreds of students in the Route 1 strip that borders the College Park campus, Prince George’s County police reported two arrests on disorderly conduct charges.

A lamppost was apparently damaged, said county police spokesman Cpl. Larry Johnson.

Basketball celebrations at College Park have led to fires, violence and property damage in the past. But on Saturday night, the situation appeared “very good overall, so far,” a spokesman for the campus police reported Saturday about 9:40 p.m.

Marc Limansky said students had celebrated at a bonfire that had been prepared on campus and then were “very celebratory” at Knox Road and Route 1.

No injuries had been reported.