N.Y. Catholic bishop: Shun lawmakers over same-sex marriage vote

New York state’s Catholic bishops continued to blast the state’s passage of same-sex marriage this week, with one bishop calling on Catholic schools and other institutions to shun lawmakers in protest.

In an opinion piece Sunday in the New York Daily News, Nicholas DiMarzio, bishop of Brooklyn, called on members of his diocese “not to bestow or accept honors, nor to extend a platform of any kind to any state elected official, in all our parishes and churches for the foreseeable future,” a statement that may signal a new era in church-state relations in the Empire State.

Catholic bishops have previously fought high-profile battles with public officials who endorse policy positions contrary to official church teaching. The previous battleground was mostly limited to debates over the right to life, which is seen within Catholicism as a primary, inviolable value. But it is new that church leaders such as DiMarzio would include legislation on gay rights as sufficient cause to ostracize politicians.

— Elizabeth Tenety