A conservative activist not yet legally old enough to serve in Congress has made it official: He’s challenging Virginia Rep. Gerald Connolly for reelection.

Ron Meyer Jr., who has worked for a handful of conservative interest groups, began exploring a bid to unseat Connolly (D) from his Fairfax-based district last month. Meyer, 23, will turn 25 — the Constitution’s minimum age for U.S. House members — in September 2014.

Meyer announced his decision to face Connolly on Monday on Fox News Channel, arguing that it was “time for a young American to lead now” because Congress has been heaping debt and difficult economic decisions onto future generations.

No other Republicans have indicated that they plan to run for the 11th district. Former representative Artur Davis (Ala.), a Democrat-turned-Republican, had previously eyed the seat but is now more focused on the possibility of running in Rep. Frank Wolf’s (R-Va.) neighboring district whenever Wolf retires. Davis has endorsed Meyer to face Connolly.

Meyer or another 11th district Republican nominee will face a very steep climb in 2014. Previously a battleground seat, it was made considerably safer for Democrats in the latest round of redistricting and is no longer considered competitive by either party. Connolly defeated retired Army Col. Chris Perkins (R) by 26 points last November.

Connolly’s campaign declined to comment on Meyer’s announcement.