An environmental group reports that Dominion Virginia Power has reached a tentative agreement with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on the state’s renewable energy law.

Cuccinelli (R) and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network found themselves on the same side of the issue last month. The attorney general released a report in November studying the costs and benefits of incentives aimed at expanding renewable energy in Virginia given to Dominion and Appalachian Power since 2007.

Both sides argued the incentives have not served their purpose. Cuccinelli called on the General Assembly to end the bonuses, but environmentalists sought improvements to the law.

The Chesapeake Climate Action Network said in a statement that Dominion and Cuccinelli have reached a tentative agreement “to support legislation that would effectively repeal the state’s clean energy law.”

Last month, the General Assembly’s Commission on Electric Utility Regulation gave the attorney general’s office and the two power companies until Wednesday to come up with a compromise over how the law is functioning regarding the incentives.