A complaint from a Northern Virginia lawmaker over higher tolls on the Dulles Greenway has triggered an investigation by Virginia’s State Corporation Commission into their fairness, the agency announced late Wednesday.

The agency said it would examine new toll rates charged by the operator of the Dulles Greenway to ensure that the new rates are reasonable, do not discourage use of the roadway, and provide only a reasonable return to the operator.

The agency said its investigation was prompted by a Jan. 16 complaint from Del. David I. Ramadan (R-Loudoun).

The SCC approved new toll rates on Jan. 16, and Toll Road Investors Partnership II (TRIP II), which operates the toll road, began collecting them on Jan. 21, the agency said.

Ramadan has also introduced legislation at the Virginia General Assembly to reduce tolls on the Greenway, a 14-mile private toll road that runs between Washington Dulles International Airport and Leesburg.

House Bill 1246 would authorize the owner of the Dulles Greenway property to lease outdoor advertising space and implement “distance pricing” along the road, with the goal of reducing commuter fees. The measure would require the State Corporation Commission to consider lease revenue in decisions regarding toll pricing.