— Virginia House and Senate negotiators reached a budget deal on the eve of the General Assembly’s Saturday adjournment, agreeing late Friday on a package of amendments to the two-year, $85 billion spending plan approved last year.

Budget conferees earlier reached a deal on the most contentious aspect of the amendment plan, relating to Medicaid expansion. They struck a compromise that would allow a 12-member committee to authorize expansion of the federal health-care program for the poor, elderly and disabled if Washington allows Virginia to reform the way it is run in the state.

Other details of the amendment deal were not immediately available.

House Appropriations Committee staff reached early Saturday were in the process of photocopying the conference committee report, a task that they had begun around 3 a.m. They were hoping to have copies available for all 140 members of the General Assembly before the start of the session at 10 a.m.