Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is importing some GOP star power for a fundraiser next month.

Cuccinelli announced on his Facebook page Wednesday that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will headline a private reception and dinner with the attorney general March 15 in Virginia Beach.

“I greatly respect Governor Scott Walker and the work he’s done in Wisconsin over the past few years,” the Facebook post reads. “Since becoming governor in 2010, he’s put in place bold reforms and has eliminated his state’s budget deficit without raising taxes. He’s committed to growing the economy, and after years of record job loss in Wisconsin, the state is gaining jobs again.”

Tickets for the event start at $75 for dinner, and a $10,000 donation buys 10 tickets each to the reception and dinner, as well as a photo op.

Walker made headlines soon after taking office when he pushed to curb collective bargaining rights for unions representing government workers. The move prompted labor groups and Democrats to push for a recall of Walker.

The governor was reelected in June 2012.

(Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Gov. Scott Walker was unsuccessful in efforts to curb collective bargaining in Wisconsin. In fact, he was successful.)