David Yepez, right, with sister Andrea, father Luis, and mother Gisela. (Family Photo)

Luis Yepez, 42, of Andover, Mass., came to the marathon with his wife and son to cheer on a family friend.

They heard the first blast when their friend was about a minute away — her own husband and two young children eagerly anticipating her approach, Yepez said. Then Yepez felt “an enormous shock to the face, to the body.” In an instant, he said, “the scenery just changes completely to one of just complete horror and evil.”

Yepez said he was standing five to eight feet from the explosion, which came from his left side. His wife, 42-year-old Gisela Yepez, was on his right, but his son, 15-year-old David Yepez, was to his left.

When he regained his senses, Luis Yepez saw people around him with severed limbs and a fatally wounded young boy who he would later learn was 8-year-old Martin Richard. He began going in and out of cafes and shops lining the street, searching for his family.

It was horrific,” he said.

Yepez, the co-owner of a computer services company, eventually found his wife and son. The teen’s hair had been singed, and his legs were wet with blood, Luis Yepez said. Later, at the hospital, doctors removed a 1-by-3-inch piece of metal from the boy’s leg.

Luis Yepez said his son — a 9th grader at St. John’s Preparatory High School in Danvers — was discharged from the hospital Wednesday, the metal having caused no apparent nerve or tendon damage. The teen – “a good lookin’ kid with a wonderful, warm heart” – enjoys wrestling, soccer and football and should be able to recover completely, Luis Yepez said.

Matt Zapotosky