Brompton bicycle owners raced nearly six miles along the Anacostia River in D.C. on Sunday. Dressed in coats and ties, racers vied for a spot in the Brompton World Championship Race in England. (Ben Dorger/The Washington Post)

About 100 Brompton bicycle owners rode nearly six miles in a coat and tie on a scorching Sunday afternoon.

The fifth-annual Brompton Bicycle U.S. Championship Race requires races to dress in their most dapper attire and ride a Brompton folding bike on a course along the Anacostia River. The bike is known for its lightweight and compact folding capabilities.

Each year Brompton hosts races around the world, and the finalists win a trip to England, where the company has its headquarters, to compete in the Brompton World Championship.

Travis Werts, of Nashville, and Anna Zhao, of Chapel Hill, N.C., became the male and female U.S. Brompton Champions. In two weeks they will visit England with their folding bikes to compete in the world championship a few hours from London.