Scorpions would be banned as pets in Arlington County under a proposal before the county government. (Jacek Bednarczyk/EPA)

A vote on whether to ban or register exotic pets in Arlington County will be delayed until June 17 while county employees revise the proposed ordinance.

County Board members on Saturday said the legislation is “nowhere near ready” for passage, even after staff members revised the original February proposal to allow hedgehogs; to clarify that most birds are not banned; to add certain spiders, scorpions and centipedes to the banned list; and to bar venomous snakes and weigh them rather than measure them.

The proposal would also create exclusions for zoos, nature centers, veterinary clinics and scientific research facilities.

About 400 people responded to the county’s first announcement of a possible ban on wolves, coyotes, panthers, bears, lynxes and the like — and seven showed up Saturday to ask the board to reconsider parts of the proposal.

State law prohibits many of the wild animals that the county had previously targeted, but county officials say they want to tighten enforcement and allow local officials to respond to complaints.

Hedgehogs are no longer to be included in an exotic pen ban under consideration in Arlington County. (Thomas Peter/Reuters)