Progressive Campaign Change Committee

A progressive group plans to air a television commercial in Charlottesville invoking the city’s deadly white nationalist rally to urge President Trump to fire several of his most controversial aides.

The ad from the Progressive Campaign Change Committee calls for the ouster of chief strategist Steve Bannon, counterterrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka and policy director Stephen Miller.

The commercial was made before the president dismissed Bannon on Friday, but a spokeswoman for the group says the ad won’t be altered.

The advertisement juxtaposes black-and-white photos of Bannon, Gorka and Miller with footage of cable news commentators describing them as white nationalists and scenes from the Charlottesville unrest.

“White supremacy is embedded within our society -- from the corridors of power in the White House to Wall Street banks that reinforce a rigged system to the everyday experiences of people of color,” said Adam Green, co-founder of the group. “As Americans work together to address longer-term systemic issues, our new ad make clear that one firing is not enough: Donald Trump must fire Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, Stephen Miller, and all the other white supremacists in the Trump Administration.”

His group says its commercial will air over the weekend on cable news networks in D.C. and Bedminster, N.J., where Trump is vacationing in his golf course over the weekend, and in Charlottesville starting on Monday. The organization declined to say how much it was spending on the ad buy.