Four Democrats so far have lined up to run for the Arlington County Board a week after longtime board member Jay Fisette announced he will not run for reelection.

The candidates, three of whom have run for the office in the past, plan to announce formally at Wednesday night’s monthly county Democratic meeting. The Democrats will hold a party caucus May 11 and May 13 to select their nominee for the November general election.

No Republicans have announced their candidacies. Independent Audrey Clement, a frequent candidate, is also running.

Democratic primaries and caucuses in Arlington often draw multiple candidates. Six ran in 2015 for two nominations; three ran for an open seat in 2014; and five ran for an open seat in 2012.

Erik Gutshall, a small-business owner who lost the Democratic primary in 2016 to incumbent board member Libby Garvey by 1,484 votes, is in the Democratic contest, as is Peter Fallon, a tax accountant who ran in 2012, 2014 and 2015 primaries and caucuses for the County Board. He came in third in 2015’s six-way race.

Kim Klingler, division director at the American Society for Clinical Oncology, ran in 2012 for the Democratic nomination to the County Board, coming in fourth in a field of five, ahead of Fallon. Vivek Patil, a biotech professional and first-time candidate, has also announced that he will seek the nomination.

Other candidates may emerge by the March 30 announcement deadline.