Former Vice President Joe Biden will campaign on Saturday with Ralph Northam, the Democratic nominee for governor of Virginia.

The Northam campaign said Biden will host a "workforce development roundtable" Saturday morning in Reston. The event is at a tech incubator and will not be open to the general public, the campaign said.

That same day, Vice President Mike Pence will be appearing with Republican nominee Ed Gillespie at a campaign event in Abingdon, in Southwest Virginia.

Both sides are ramping up their efforts as the Nov. 7 election day approaches. Virginia's race has drawn national attention as one of only two gubernatorial contests in the country this year, and is considered far more competitive than the other race, in New Jersey.

It has shaped up as a proxy for national political clashes over the polarizing Trump administration. Northam attended a fundraising event last week in New York with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and late last week President Trump tweeted his first direct endorsement of Gillespie.

The Republican campaign has not said whether Trump will appear with Gillespie in Virginia. The president remains deeply unpopular in the state, but has a rabid following among core Republicans who are most likely to come out and vote.

Pence's wife, Karen, has appeared at a fundraiser for Gillespie, and the two families have been friends for years.

The Northam campaign said Biden will help their candidate talk about what he calls his "G3 plan," which involves helping people pay for community college to get training for technology-related jobs.

Northam has said that former President Obama will also campaign with him, but has yet to release any information about when that might take place. Most polls show Northam with a lead in the race, but many voters say they have yet to firmly make up their minds.

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