FILE: E.W. Jackson the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor in Virginia attends a meet-and-greet with supporters in Loudoun County Friday May 31, 2013. (Dayna Smith/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Republican lieutenant gubernatorial nominee E.W. Jackson has amended his campaign finance disclosure report to reflect a $9,000 in-kind donation for his portion of air travel with his GOP running mates during a statewide tour following their nomination.

Jackson campaign spokesman Chris Merola said in an e-mail on Friday that the candidate “missed the communication informing us of the donation” when asked to explain why Jackson failed to report the flight. Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli and attorney general nominee Mark D. Obenshain both reported the flight as an in-kind donation from Select Management Resources of Alpharetta, Ga., on May 21.

Jackson joined Cuccinelli and Obenshain on a three-day flyover tour of Virginia immediately following the Republican Party of Virginia’s nominating convention in Richmond the weekend of May 17. Merola said Cuccinelli's campaign sent an e-mail about the flight after the trip.

“It appears we were given the information in a timely manner,” Merola said. “We overlooked it.”

The oversight, first reported by The Associated Press on Thursday, is the latest in a series of missteps on campaign finance reporting by the Jackson campaign.

In June, Jackson did not immediately itemize his donors and was fined $100 for failing to disclose a $25,000 loan to his campaign according to state law. He later amended his report and paid the fine.

Last month, Jackson again failed to itemize all of his donors in his most recent report, but updated the disclosure within the deadline to do so and was not penalized.

Jackson is running against state Sen. Ralph S. Northam (D-Norfolk) in November.