Here is the full text of statement by Shawn Williams, a supervisor in Loudoun County who has admitted a history of DUI and domestic incidents. The statement came in response to inquiries about a police report detailing accusations that Williams brutally assaulted his then-girlfriend.

I have no excuse for the actions that took place in my grandmother’s home in January of 2006. With every fiber of my being I wish this incident had not occurred and can’t begin to relay the guilt I harbor. This was an extremely low point in my life full of grief, anger and binge blackout drinking. As a result of this incident I sought out and received treatment for alcohol abuse and symptoms related to a personality disorder. I received treatment and reconnected with my higher power and about a year after I met my wife and we started our family. I am no longer the man I was when this occurred, but I am still far from perfect. All I can pray is that my family and I can weather this storm that has come about as a result of my prior behavior and willingness to serve the Loudoun community. I have managed my professional and public service with the highest of integrity and ethical standards. It needs to be noted that none of my political friends or associates, many of whom I have forged close relationships with over the past 5 years, were aware of the details surrounding this event. It is with a heavy heart and deep regret I send this note and I apologize for disappointing my family, friends and community.