Republican Ed Gillespie released a new ad Friday, “Lost His Way,” tying Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) to President Obama.

“In Washington, Mark Warner lost his way. Voting with President Obama 97 percent,” the narrator says. “Yes for Obamacare,” and yes to $7 trillion in new debt and $1 trillion in new taxes.” The first figure refers to the overall increase in the national debt during Obama’s tenure, the second to overall tax increases in the health-care law.

Gillespie then appears, promising to “ease the squeeze” on the middle class. Having helped brand several Republican campaigns in his career as a strategist, Gillespie is aiming to repeat that success in his own race; he has also embarked on an “Ease the Squeeze Tour.”

The ad follows a familiar theme of Gillespie’s campaign -- that Warner is not the moderate he claims to be. Politifact has rated the 97 percent claim as true, while noting that the number refers only to the 28 percent of legislation on which Obama took a clear position.

Warner spokesman David Turner called the ad a “sign of a desperate campaign” and said that the senator “has always worked across the aisle to find commonsense solutions to the problems facing Virginians.”