In the candidates’ own words

Virginia gubernatorial candidates Ken Cuccinelli II (R) and Terry McAuliffe (D) met Thursday in the final debate of the campaign at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. McAuliffe stuck to the broad outlines of his campaign platform and accused Cuccinelli of pushing an extreme social agenda. Cuccinelli accused McAuliffe of speaking in platitudes without specifying how he would pay for his plans. Here are highlights of their remarks:

“E ven [the] conservative Richmond Times-Dispatch said that once in office he ‘pursues his divisive agenda with stridency.’ He sponsored legislation that would ban some birth control, intimidated scientists at our great universities and tried to derail Gov. McDonnell’s transportation bill. And just this week, he refused to say whether he supported reopening the [federal] government. ” — McAuliffe.

Terry McAuliffe literally did nothing for Virginia or Virginians before deciding to run for governor. Nothing. Some people run to do something, and some people run to be something.”

— Cuccinelli.

You get ‘You help me, I help you’ — that’s politics from Terry McAuliffe. Or you get good policy from Ken Cuccinelli” — Cuccinelli.

I’m a strong supporter of [the] Second Amendment and gun owner. . . .But I support universal background checks. This is where, my opponent and I differ on that.” — McAuliffe.

“My opponent’s plan has been to attack me — you just heard it — and scare Virginians, especially women, into voting for him, and to speak in platitudes without telling you how he’ll pay for all the empty promises he makes.” — Cuccinelli.

My mother’s 91 years old. She’s paid into [Social Security] her entire life. She’s not dependent on the government. And it wasn’t created by bad politicians. And that was in his book.” — McAuliffe.

I like puppies. But I don’t bring a puppy home if I don’t have a plan for how I’m going to deal with that puppy. . . . And he’s all puppy and no plan.” — Cuccinelli.

My opponent will not compromise. He has a rigid ideological agenda.” — McAuliffe.

There is a time to fight and there is a time to compromise.”

— Cuccinelli.

— Fredrick Kunkle