Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for Virginia governor is zeroing in again on Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s II record on women’s health issues, focusing specifically on abortion in his latest ad.

McAuliffe (D) has repeatedly sought to paint Cuccinelli (R) as out-of-step with women voters on key issues. McAuliffe’s new spot features Holly Puritz, a Norfolk doctor, speaking directly to the camera.

“For 30 years I’ve worked as an OB-GYN, my job is to protect the health of women,” Puritz says. “So I’m particularly offended by Ken Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal, even in cases of rape and incest, even to protect a woman’s health. I want a governor who’s focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. Who’s Ken Cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across Virginia?”

Cuccinelli’s position, according to his campaign, is that he would permit abortions in order to save the life of the mother. In 2007, when he served in the state Senate, Cuccinelli supported a so-called “personhood” bill that critics said could have had the effect of making all abortions illegal.

Republicans say it is McAuliffe, not Cuccinelli, who is obsessed with social issues in the contest.

“Ken Cuccinelli has said very clearly the core focus of his race is job creation and fighting for every Virginian to have an opportunity to succeed. The only person in this race who is focused on divisive issues is Terry McAuliffe, and now we know why,” said Cuccinelli spokeswoman Anna Nix.

She then referred to the recent endorsement of the Republican by the Northern Virginia Technology Council as evidence that “[w]ith no economic plan and no grasp on critical issues, McAuliffe has nothing left except divisive attacks.”