RICHMOND — Sen. Mark Warner (D) says in a television ad released Saturday that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe would preserve the “Virginia way” of non-partisan governing.

Titled “Honored,” the commercial opens with the popular former Democratic governor speaking directly to the camera in some sort of warehouse, workers scurrying around in the background.

In a departure from the many hard-hitting ads put by both sides in the governor’s race , this one makes a purely positive pitch for McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman and entrepreneur. It makes no mention of his Republican rival, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II, except by backhanded inference; at one point, Warner notes that McAuliffe “won’t let ideological battles get in the way of making progress,” suggesting that his opponent would do just that.

“I was honored to serve as governor of Virginia,” Warner says. “We brought folks together in Richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. That’s the Virginia way and that’s why I’m backing Terry McAuliffe for governor.Terry won’t let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. Terry will work with, Democrats, Republicans and Independents to create jobs and move Virginia forward. It’s important for Virginia that we elect Terry McAuliffe as our governor.”