Terry McAuliffe and his allies outspent Ken Cuccinelli by a wide margin in the closing days of the race for Virginia governor.

McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman and champion fundraiser, ran circles around Cuccinelli (R) on the financial front from the moment the race began, and so was able to significantly outspend Cuccinelli on the airwaves. McAuliffe also got more help from deep-pocketed outside groups than Cuccinelli did.

From Oct. 28 through Nov. 3, according to the ad-tracking firm Kantar Media, McAuliffe spent $705,000 on television ads, compared to $285,000 for Cuccinelli’s campaign.

Among outside players in the final week, Independence USA PAC – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s (I) pro-gun control group – led the way with $346,000 in advertising, all of it in the Washington market. Purple PAC shelled out $103,000 to help Libertarian Robert Sarvis, who spent $22,000 himself.

Rounding out the last week’s spenders were the pro-Cuccinelli groups Conservative Campaign Committee ($28,000), Fight for Tomorrow ($13,000) and Common Sense Virginia PAC ($1,400). McAuliffe also got help from People for the American Way ($22,000).