A brand-new super PAC has jumped into the Virginia governor’s race advertising fray, seeking to tie Democrat Terry McAuliffe to a variety of liberal celebrities and causes.

Fight for Tomorrow, a Texas-based group that says it just registered with the Federal Election Commission this week, is spending six figures on an anti-McAuliffe campaign that includes an ad in Thursday’s print edition of the Washington Post and a television spot saying McAuliffe is in league with the “Gang of Five” — 1) the Democratic party leadership; 2) the “elitist media”; 3) “smear groups financed by anti-American foreigner and mega rich environmentalists; 4) “Wall Street liberals”; and 5) “Hollywood partisans.”

The TV ad — which will run in the next few days in Richmond and Northern Virginia -- alleges: “The ‘Gang of Five’ is bringing divisive, Chicago-style politics to Virginia. McAuliffe is an embarrassment, yet he gets a free ride from the elite media because he’s being propped up by the Clintons, Obama and the ‘Gang of Five.’ They will continue political smearing, spending millions to impose a New Yorker and left wing embed on Virginia.

“Tell these McAuliffe puppeteers: ‘This is Virginia and we won’t let you Detroit us with taxes and debt; you will not California Virginia with regulations that kill jobs; or Hollywood our families and schools; you will not bring District of Columbia tax and spend to our state.’ Tell them: ‘You can’t have Virginia.’ ”

The ad includes quick snapshots of McAuliffe and Democratic politicians as well as Rachel Maddow, Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin, among others.

Virginia Democratic Party spokesman Brian Coy responded by turning his fire on McAuliffe’s opponent, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R).

“Ken Cuccinelli has spent his career putting extremist Tea Party groups and outside special interests ahead of Virginia, and now those allies are throwing the kitchen sink on his behalf,” Coy said. “While they shout into the wind about the threat that Alec Baldwin poses to our democracy, Virginians know the real risk is Cuccinelli’s extreme agenda and ongoing ethics scandals.”