A fifth of House Democratic incumbents face nomination challenges in push from the left.

Two Republican contenders have each lent their campaigns more than $5 million.

On the eve of the Virginia Tech shooting anniversary, the senators have refiled their “Virginia Plan.”

Caught in an unflattering national spotlight, residents hope something better can come from an ugly police encounter.

The chief of the small Virginia department defended the initial stop of a Black Army officer but condemned the actions of the policeman who escalated the violent encounter.

Caring for orphaned baby squirrels is hard, messy work. She wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Virginia’s recall statute sets a high bar, making the effort an uphill challenge.

WHERE WE LIVE | The Arlington neighborhood’s urban feel, closeness to D.C. and affordable housing draw buyers.

Virginia State Police are also investigating the incident in the town of Windsor.

Like the Democratic incumbent, state Sen. Jen Kiggans (R) is a Navy veteran.

When Caron Nazario told police he was “honestly afraid to get out” of the car, an officer replied, “Yeah, you should be!”

The incident occurred at Graham Road, police said.

Two years after racial scandals and sexual assault allegations rocked Richmond, Democratic leaders are wrestling with that legacy in choosing a nominee for governor.

A Fairfax County judge found the practice deprived a defendant of basic safeguards to a fair trial.

A crowded, diverse field of Democrats is competing in the June 8 primary.

This year’s race for Virginia governor is more crowded than any other in modern history, perhaps ever.

The lieutenant governor, who faces assault accusations by two women, compared himself to Floyd and Till during a gubernatorial debate at Virginia State University.

Lawmakers also pass sweeping Voting Rights Act, other changes during their one-day session Wednesday.

The goal is to provide more transparency, impartiality and public confidence in the probes.

Officials across the Washington region have sought to mitigate the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic through the budgeting process.

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