The warning of an “ethnic cleansing” at a high school caused the whole school system to close for two days.

For decades, Arlandria has thrived as a working-class enclave in pricey Northern Virginia.

The county can directly ask the state transportation board for the change, Herring’s opinion says.

The crimes in Northern Virginia may be part of a string of at least 23, police said.

Halal butchery seeking to move into gentrifying warehouse area near doggy day cares.

A list of properties in Virginia that you can visit Saturday and Sunday.

WHERE WE LIVE | Citizens of the Fairfax community love its small-town feel as a refuge from booming nearby Tysons.

Claude Moore Colonial Farm closed in December after a public spat with park officials.

Jacson Chicas was stabbed more than 100 times before his body was set on fire, police said.

According to Fairfax County police, one stole the other’s phone after they started to record each other.

Lucy Berkebile, 73, was found dead inside a McLean home that caught fire.

Last year, similar concerns in Loudoun triggered a state review.

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