The secret motorcycle, the tampered sheet, the forged letter: more reader confessions.

If approved, Alexandria’s decision means all major public school systems in the Washington region are starting the new academic year online.

Affluent neighborhood schools fall behind small charters, many with low-income kids

A roundup of news from the Washington region.

Face coverings will be required at all businesses, commercial office buildings and locations that have public areas.

The move came after the victim failed to show for a preliminary hearing.

The school’s namesake, Thomas Chambliss Williams, advocated segregation and argued Black and White students learn differently.

A roundup of news from the Washington region.

Abel Alexander Castro Juarez, 20, of Annandale, has been charged with murder.

A roundup of news from the Washington region.

Victim found in Annandale area after shooting was reported, according to police.

Severe thunderstorms left people stuck in elevators, caught in kayaks on the Potomac River.

“I’m used to society leaving us behind,” said the parent of a severely autistic 7-year-old.

Storms had a history of bringing down trees and unleashing gusts to 70 mph. Rain lingers behind them into the evening.

The districts are defying intense pressure from the Trump administration, which has urged schools nationwide to reopen their doors five days a week.

“There’s a minority subset of people who are uncomfortable with what’s going on in this country,” mayor says.

A roundup of news from the Washington region.

Further information about the incident was not immediately available.

The senators hope to pass ambitious changes at a special session in Richmond in August.

His SUV struck a pole at North Kings Highway and Telegraph Road, according to police.

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