Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Aldie Springs Dr., 40412-Joshua and Dorelba Estrada to Padmavathi Mallela, $810,000.

Blue Oat Ct., 41216-Berkeley C. Kern to Melissa Jan Fairbank and Patrick Naquin Thompson, $765,000.

Coats Sq., 25174-Wesley H. Clark and Karen Haldeman-Clark to Kodjo Messan and Ayabavi Tounouvi, $570,000.

Cutgrass Terr., 25150-Robert W. Ferris III to Shane Patrick Gummersheimer, $480,000.

Gallberry Terr., 41902-Jennifer Elaine Hedgman to Simon O. Ahferom and Selam M. Tesfayohannes, $175,720.

Hayrake Pl., 40868-Jonathan Perez and Nicole D. Cunningham to Justin Landreth and Nada Said, $900,000.

Jackalope Terr., 24638-Stephen R. Katchmark Jr. to Siddhesh Shenoy and Vinita Rao, $399,000.

McDivitt Terr., 41754-John J. and Shauna M. Walsh to Venkateshwar Rao Gonna and Vidya Thandrangi, $535,000.

Moors Mine Terr., 41691-Bichthu Nguyen and My Dinh Hoang to Andrew and Hannah K. Slap, $500,000.

Piebald Sq., 42227-Sierra C. Moran to Kevin James Kurdziolek, $327,800.

Rosebay Terr., 24548-Edgar I. and Jennifer Rosales to Charles Spencer, $434,000.

Spring Meadow Cir., 24188-Joshua M. Cochran to Megha Bansal and Pankaj Sharma, $790,000.


Alden Ct., 23-Joseph Lee and Samantha Jean Kurtenbach to Gloria P. Fox, $365,000.

Bickel Ct., 87-Nguyen and Lam Huynh to Kristina Perez, $289,500.

Cedarhurst Dr., 46531-Bruce H. and Ketty Y. Smith to Bradley William and Caitlin Jennifer Buracker, $547,000.

Cosworth Terr., 20896-Margaret Ann Sebastian to Khalid and Shabnam Mourtaza, $485,500.

Darian Ct., 13-Kelly J. and Tammy K. Cobean to Carlos E. and Colleen C. Monroy, $514,000.

Finchingfield Ct., 209-James W.F. and Brittany J. Caudill to Ashley L. and Stanley F. Forbes, $405,500.

Jermyn Ct., 7-Brent Alexander Costa to Sara Patricia Morales, $345,000.

Newland Ct., 10-Casey Charles Unwin to Connor and Lindsey Buzzeo, $479,000.

Rafter Ct., 47757-Alan R. and Catherine M. Dodge to Sarah L. and Justin R. Taylor, $700,000.

Woodhaven Ct., 46554-Todd P. and Heather Copeland to Brandon Lee and Rebecca Bender Marrs, $693,000.


Alicent Terr., 20462-Leslie Gilchrest to Ravi Shankar Srinivas and Shradha Rani Adrangi, $405,000.

Bancroft Ct., 21775-Timothy Withrow Jr. and Chanda Kaplan to Sheana M. Numata and Edward Rodriguez, $390,000.

Butterfield Ct., 43326-Cheryl J. Lacy to Stephen Michael and Crystal Keeley Bahr, $782,000.

Choptank Terr., 43985-Daniel T. and Cinthia H. Wilson to Ravinder Kaur, $390,000.

Coppersmith Dr., 20614-Eric J. and Kathryn A. Perez to Joe Louis and Miyuki Morgan, $686,000.

Duxbury Terr., 20668-Christopher Brian and Stephanie Jane Lackey to Daniel Dexter Wesolowski, $688,000.

Ferncliff Terr., 44084-Bradley J. and Sarah Chambers to Travis Scott Slaysman and Makenna Brown, $385,000.

Keiller Terr., 42672-Farooq Yousuf Anis and Abeer Ayaz to Muhammad A. Siddique and Ariz Siddiqui, $569,990.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21778-Evelyn and Kurt Henderson to Alexander Hernandez, $445,000.

MacGlashan Terr., 20270-Michael Barker and Shelah A. Novak to Jake Matter, $323,000.

Pilate Sq., 20688-Shankar N. Iyer and Radha Suri to Jose and Elsa Bacoy, $409,900.

Ridgecrest Sq., 19887-Douglas Hofsass and Samantha Staniland to Robert Augustine and Emmanuelle Goyette, $410,000.

Saxony Terr., 44111-Lee D. and Bridgette A. Ellis to Justin Andre Shillock and Rebecca A.E. Whitley, $510,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 21019, No. 303-Shaun Solhjou to Philip Richard Miatech II, $225,000.

Track Bed Terr., 43071-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Kevin Michael and Carol J. Corneby, $679,990.

Valhalla Sq., 20098-Lutfiye Yilmaz and Erkan Hajric to Ishan A. Bhatt and Vira S. Danak Bhatt, $649,000.


Ashwood Moss Terr., 23510-Grace Jean and Daniel Lee Suh to Joshua M. and Dorelba Maria Estrada, $539,000.

Bloomfield Path St., 41621-Aaron and Melanie Skinner to James T. and Jillian Ann Marszalek, $885,000.

Carters Station Ct., 22960-Laura R. and Steven O. Winitsky to Chandrakant and Meerabahen Desai, $949,999.

Edson Terr., 22816-Joseph C. and Marin A. Ebbets to Paul David Khawaja and Madison Chandler Nave, $450,000.

Ferncrest Terr., 22766-Jessica and Robert Jakubik to Jennifer L. Ryan, $395,000.

Franklin Benjamin Terr., 42490-Geoffrey D. and Lindsay H. Giffin to Sivaji and Devasena Puppala, $535,100.

Hampton Oak Terr., 23182-Miller and Smith at Brambleton VII Corp. to Michael John and Melissa Kathleen Oliver, $679,990.

Havelock Walk Terr., 23631, No. 321-Edward A. and Elizabeth P. Aras to Marilyn Scripko, $475,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42457-James D. and Sarah J. Ellison to Henry M. Woodruff, $319,000.

Longollen Woods Terr., 23433-Bhikshanda E. Koduvayur Subramanian and Priya Easwar to Kavitha Sivaraj and Mahesh Mahalingam, $667,000.

Marble Canyon Terr., 42250-Jillian Rose and Jeffrey Bull to Edward Gedeon, $691,000.

New Dawn Terr., 42644-William S. and Laurie A. McKinney to Monzur E. Elahi and Naila Rahman, $460,000.

Regal Wood Dr., 42506-Kyle Norris and Stacey Hobbs Franzen to Samantha J. Finkel and Matthew J. Teets, $505,000.

Sailfish Sq., 23720-Mark R. Henderson and Pamela R. Righter to Bartholomew Westcott and Jenny Ho, $592,900.

Stoke Chapel Terr., 43722-Kenneth Kanhua Liang to Melika Hande Kaya, $525,000.

Sweet Bay Terr., 21897-Matthew E. and Jamie L. Gregg to Tyler Bakewell and Nicole Linda Pereira Plaza, $485,000.

Weathervane Pl., 23868-Nicholas Arthur and Ashley Weaver to Melissa R. and Michael K. Brooks, $856,000.


Benson Terr., 22913-Ana Maria Jackman and Sara B. Pesnell to Frank Fenton Painter III, $441,000.

Hutchinson Farm Dr., 24670-Punyamon Wongvongsri to Kristina E. Webb, $327,500.

Whitcomb Sq., 45601-Sasidhar Reddy Kallamadi to Michael and Jeanie Coeto, $400,000.


Hampton Rd., 16325-Jerry M. and Shannon M. Sollinger to Ayse Halac, $780,000.


Arcadian Dr., 13445-Seth and Kara Cummings Reister to Helena Hong Robinson, $617,000.

Battery Point Pl., 43064-Howard Lee and Detanita Faye Sapp to Gerber Ernesto Gallegos Escamilla and Christin Michelle Gallegos, $720,000.

Buena Vista Sq., 18455-James N. and Dawn Marie Koshar to Carolyn Marie Jackson, $560,000.

Catoctin Cir. NE, 721-Dotned Corp. to Jacob C. and Kimberly A. Shaffer, $475,000.

Diamond Lake Dr., 19390-Asma Zaka Ibrahim to Daniel J. Walker, $395,000.

Fairway Oaks Sq., 18340-Franklin L. and Willette P. Wright to Tabatha Bradford and Kevin Kozlowski, $895,000.

Harrison Hill Lane, 15037-Richard A. and Mary Ann S. McAfee to Zachary Thomas Franke and Abigail Elizabeth Foster, $595,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1135, No. 201-Justin Pirnik to Drew Anthony Curls, $230,000.

Kipheart Dr., 19060-Brian J. and Cathy A. Kelleher to Thomas J. Barrale and Holly Glaze, $899,000.

McConnell Way, 18560-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Residential Asset Securitization Trust to Christopher Ryan and Samantha Ann Dowd, $593,250.

North St. NE, 207-Robert Anthony and Brooke Lynn Nichols to Brian N. and Lesley A. Christos, $874,000.

Quiver Ridge Dr., 19112-Steven E. and Angela M. Lilley to Joseph Lee and Samantha Jean Kurtenbach, $705,000.

Saddleback Pl. NE, 819-Micah T. and Kristen E. Simmons to Sarah M. Taylor and Kurt M. Parker, $699,900.

Stonefield Sq. NE, 868-Richard Tyler and Rebekah Miller Overstreet to Andrew James and Tiffany Michelle Francis, $479,000.

Tuliptree Sq. NE, 530-Anthony John and Zarina Fortunato to Joseph W. Chea, $392,000.


Akan St. SE, 1017-Van Metre Homes at Meadowbrook Farm to Marc V. and Theresa C. Cam, $999,000.

Belmont Dr. SW, 215-Joseph S. and Jennifer F. Langdorf to Nicole Herron, $475,000.

Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125P, No. 3-Michael Todd and Mary S. Dyke to Kendry Alejandra Norales and Nathan Wesley Kettell, $154,500.

Diskin Pl. SW, 611-Gregg A. and Katherine B. Hughes to Kristin Marie and Howard Kimball Graham, $759,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 124, No. B-Lou and Amy Casciano to Heidi Macey, $255,000.

King St. S., 1005-William S. and Linda S. Earley to Michelle Evonne Mogus, $400,000.

Marlow St. SW, 138-Colleen R. Demetro to Helga K. Radich, $225,000.

Morven Park Rd. SW, 104-Patricia W. Anderson to Michael E. and Kathleen R. Liddick, $880,000.

Red Hill Rd., 41321-Edward N. and Maria H. Ayoub to Ramona and Douglas A. Rember, $660,000.

Shelburne Glebe Rd., 19411-Sean R. and Cheryl C. Finnegan to Donald Wayne and Patti Smith, $776,000.


Bruce Ct., 12983-Kent A. and Vikki J. Nelson to Isaac J. and Natasha N. Stith, $725,000.

Purcell Rd., 11833-Elizabeth N. and Steven W. Andrus to Logan S. Thrash, $350,000.

Tritapoe Pl., 24-Donna Meade to Edward L. and Rachel J. Han, $497,000.


Leith Lane, 36895-Dawn Elizabeth Maxon and Anthony J. Grabowski to Dorothy C. and David R. Harris, $825,000.


Allder School Rd., 36571-Matthew Singh Monk to Charles Christopher Fletcher and Carol Beard, $449,000.

Chestnut Grove Ct., 18285-Paul David Foltz to Zachary P. Calvert and Megan Louise Meyer, $905,000.

E St. E., 331-Alicia Lesceux to Clifton L. and Heidi E. Terrett, $412,000.

Falls Chapel Ct., 421-Jennifer and Simon Oliver to Talmadge Clifford and Kimberly Rose, $709,500.

Kinvarra Pl., 813-Gary T. Farrell and Carmel M. Dardis-Farrell to Eric Edwin Daniels and Christine Hamada Price, $585,000.

Mildenhall Ct., 832-Eric Hannis to Melissa D. Hughes and Sandra G. Hanks, $650,000.

Oliver Ct., 124-Patrick Michael and Rose Michelle Omara to Chris Daniel Adams and Mindy M. Copeland, $369,900.

Skyfield Ridge Pl., 19155-Carrington Builders at Snickersville Corp. to Christopher Robert Miller, $870,000.


Cleveland Park Dr., 17662-Adam and Robin Smith to Joseph Murray and Victoria Anne Cooper, $474,900.

Prestwick Ct., 35290-Brendan and Jennifer Leocadia Conlon to Warren Ary, $799,900.

Yellow Schoolhouse Rd., 18490-Estate of Julian Wayne Driver and Julie Driver to Jordan Starin, $461,000.


Celest Terr., 25262-Kevin Blanks and Diana Rodriguez to Chanavia Johnson, $402,000.

Chorley Wood St., 43444-Jorawar and Jaspreet Kaur Chawla to Abhilash Menon and Sreedevi Nair, $635,000.

Eustis St., 43008-Pedro J. Morales-Muniz and Mariella M. Lara Romaldo to Hussein S. Saleh, $430,000.

Frontier Spring Dr., 42191-Frontier Spring Corp. to Jaspreet Singh Sambe, $709,000.

Heyer Sq., 25524-David Hinrichs to Ronald and Kimberly Stephens Hale, $445,000.

Lewiston Dr., 42519-Maria E. Infante to Eunjoo K. Kim, $680,000.

Nesting Sq., 25253-Prashant Rajbhandari and Seema Kc to Aditya Chohan and Nidhi Singh, $475,000.

Riding Center Dr., 25221-Brad Lewis Burton and Paiwan Gonsowski to Jea Hwan Son, $685,000.

Stallion Branch Terr., 25446-Eunjoo Jo Kim to Din Mohammad and Mohammad Elyas Mohammadi, $600,000.

Tisbury Ct., 43255-Mukul Mathur to Jeffrey Buzhardt and Matthew Johnson, $740,000.

Wakestone Park Terr., 25331-Anand Gajula to Sachin S. Kedar and Amruta Dattatraya Gunjal, $515,000.


Baldwin Sq., 21845, No. 200-Federal National Mortgage Association to Reena Pappachen, $235,000.

Connemara Dr., 105-Dorian P. and Dana Quirk to John Henry Whaley IV and Renee Ann Mallari, $565,000.

Elm Tree Lane, 116-Daniel and Marina Munoz to Thad and Allison R. Gleason, $500,000.

Furman Dr. E., 306-Jaspal Kaur and Jasvir Singh Virdi to Bo Yang, $140,000.

Jefferson Rd. E., 1305-Natcha Poempoon to Andrea Muse and Rena G. Berry, $485,000.

Lake Dr., 105-Carole Ehlinger and Mary Anderson to William Reid and Ashley Marie Thompson, $602,500.

Margate Ct., 1038B-Kasra A. Kassiri to Dalerjon Umarov and Nodira Asomiddinova, $300,000.

Park Hill Ct., 101-Mohamed M. Abideen and Waheedha S. Muhammedali to Kathryn L. Jeffries and Edward Radford, $460,000.

Silver Ridge Dr., 333-George E. and Megan E. Claggett to Lucas and Alexandra Parkins, $515,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 785-Noel E. and Irma D. Santamaria to Roberto A. Gomez, $335,000.

York Rd. N., 725-Giti Fardad to Ligia E. Rodriguez, $420,000.


Old Stage Pl., 39008-Melinda Cerisano to Bradley K. Mullins and Julia Marguerite Patsios, $850,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Admiral Nelson Dr., 7481-Ghazi Chatila to David and Deborah Melius, $505,000.

Aviary St., 116-Kelvin A. and Paula M. Ray to Thomas Evan Sedell, $290,000.

Bethel Dr. W., 7192-Michael L. Shea to Baron Buckner, $370,000.

Burke Lane, 7223-Paul David and Nicole Dalusung Reynolds to Luis A. Foulks, $457,500.

Covingtons Corner Rd., 7203-Kevin L. Hall to Morgan E. Watts and Celah M. Wallace, $259,000.

Eagle Ct., 11151-Joshua K. and Margaret L. Smith to Bryant F. Smith and Betrain Hill-Smith, $435,000.

Fairfax St., 102-Carey L. Knoerdel to Alecia K. Bryan, $438,550.

Fireside Pl., 6480-Stephanie J.R. and Sylvia A. Mainville to William S. Smith and Mark L. Stevens, $750,000.

Frytown Rd., 7715-Gregory Warren and Dawn Smith to Oleg Biletskyi and Tetiana Biletska, $655,000.

Gold Cup Dr., 639-Scott A. Thoden to Claude Edwin Lee and Renee Lynn Clark, $410,000.

Hancock St., 7508-NVR Inc. to Beverley Henderson Sullivan, $311,730.

Hancock St., 7522-NVR Inc. to Miguel and Danielle Gache-Piriz, $304,550.

Horseshoe Lane, 380-Jason W. and Melissa Janecek to Paul and Stephanie Durand, $535,000.

Kelly Rd., 6680-Robert C. and Tracy L. Boothe to Steven and Catherine Burney, $500,000.

Lake Anne Ct., 6763-Timothy and Amber Norris to Jennifer Diane and Kevin Dewitt Dodson, $530,000.

Leeds Manor Rd., 7450-Douglas Hartz to Deborah L. and Gregory R. Trnka, $694,000.

Lord Chancellor Lane, 10805-Keith A. and Maria T. Trusky to Peter Stein and Pamela D. Jeffry Stein, $415,000.

Marsh Rd., 13775-Wanda S. Frederick to Matthew R. Early and Katie M. Applegate, $475,000.

Midland Rd., 3192-Christine Robins to Nelson Barry, $300,000.

Pebble Run Rd., 4916-Sherry Lynn Sprague to Stephanie Robbins and Noel Aaron Cranston, $650,000.

Rectortown Rd., 4058-Bruce Buchanan to Tyler Jordan Fleming, $352,767.

Rogues Rd., 8404-Mark Ashley and Dawn N. Porter to Justin H. Stubblefield, $474,000.

Sapphire Ct., 261-Rose Maldini and Michelle M. Root to Cynthia Susan Rohls, $364,900.

Silver Hill Rd., 14027-Pamela A. McAlwee to Courtney and Earnest Vass, $390,000.

Stuart Cir., 7406-Devin Blane and Jessica Mary Yankey to Cody and Tess Harper, $465,000.

View Cir. N., 194-Carole M. Hertz to Brian Timothy Penatzer, $389,000.

Wellington Dr., 7884-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Earl Frederick and Lien T. Carter, $638,000.

Willow Pl., 6161, No. 303-Kenneth W. Scott II to Camran and Zenayda M. Mostofi, $178,000.

Woodward Rd., 8616-Dorothy B. Talley to Tyler P. Martin and Karly Marie Clayton, $601,000.