Labor groups demand that candidates address long hours, meager pay and benefits.

Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam joined top Republicans in asking the president and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to attend the celebration.

Dominion Energy rushed to build despite court challenge, saying project is too crucial to delay

All 140 seats in the legislature are on the ballot this fall, with control of the General Assembly at stake.

Rep. Denver Riggleman, a self-described “Liberty Republican” married two men who volunteered on his 2018 campaign.

Monday’s deluge flooded some neighborhoods for at least the seventh time in 19 years.

Gun rights organization worked closely with Republicans ahead of legislative session.

Wilder spoke out on the matter in a tweet Friday.

The probe funded by VCU found Wilder responsible for “non-consensual sexual contact.”

The move will allow the Virginia county to seek federal and state aid.

The Duke University incident from 2000 is one of two sexual assault allegations Fairfax denies.

Hundreds of armed gun owners and peace activists had packed the State Capitol.

A gun rights activist met a gun control advocate in Richmond.

Hundreds of activists on both sides converging on Richmond for high-stakes debate in pivotal election year.

Hoskins, who previously worked in the District and Maryland, will head the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority.

Warner, a Democrat, is seeking a third term in 2020.

The General Assembly will debate allowing real casinos next year, but slot-like machines have arrived.

Democrats are poised to win control in races where immigration, traffic and the county’s image play roles.

The competitive Northern Virginia congressional seat was previously in GOP hands for nearly 40 years.

Virginia overnor urges lawmakers to take full floor votes; rare parliamentary move could be considered.

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