Advocacy group says polling shows black voters fled Gillespie for Northam after ads

Maryland senator to propose legislation Thursday to help farmers pay for tools to stop runoff.

‘There is no possible way ... that these ballots should not have been available to us on Election Day,’ Stafford County’s registrar wrote.

Hurdle for these groups has been getting voters who support gun restrictions to the polls

Republican’s lead shrinks to 82 votes after Stafford tallies provisional ballots.

The civil rights group says voters got conflicting instructions on how to ensure their provisional ballots got counted.

Top operatives talk about the role of Trump, Confederate monuments and controversial ads

Registrar disputes claim; race is one of three that will determine control of Richmond’s lower chamber.

After initial silence, the two Republicans took different stances on Senate candidate from Alabama.

Rift has been building between Justin Wilson, Allison Silberberg for two years.

“Until there’s proof, I don’t believe it,” Stewart said of the candidate who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

The Virginia Republican said he had not provided any credible explanation after the allegations detailed in a Post investigation.

The president called the mayor of the tiny Chesapeake Bay community last summer.

The first openly transgender person elected in Virginia says requiring insurance coverage for gender transitions is part of the quality-of-life platform she campaigned on.

Controversial ad featured white pick-up truck driver chasing minority children

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