The measure, which drew fiery rhetoric from gun rights protesters, now heads to the House.

Women’s reproductive decisions should be private, not governed by state, activists say.

Conversion therapy would be banned and transgender people could get birth certificates changed more easily.

Every Democrat and one Republican voted to do away with the tribute to two Confederate generals.

One bill would have allowed Virginians to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

Thousands from Virginia and elsewhere rally against gun-control proposals that helped Democrats seize power in Richmond.

State officials are preparing for a volatile mix of weapons, anti-government fervor and out-of-town extremists.

The governor had declared an emergency ahead of Monday’s gun rights rally.

Title IX, the Equal Pay Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 don’t provide the protection the ERA does, they say.

Thousands of militia members and gun-rights advocates expected in Richmond, some threatening violence.

The Virginia governor says “credible intelligence” indicates groups may incite violence at a gun-rights rally planned for Monday.

Republicans who blocked passage for years say action is too late to change U.S. Constitution.

Political and legal battles await, but it’s a day of celebration for the amendment’s supporters.

The governor’s move comes days ahead of a gun-rights rally expected to draw thousands.

The full Virginia House of Delegates is set to take up the ERA on Wednesday; the state Senate is also expected to pass it.

A large crowd of gun rights activists flocked to the General Assembly’s first hearing on gun-control bills.

Legislation would limit review of publications at middle and high schools and colleges.

The policy will be enforced for visitors but less so for sitting lawmakers, a Capitol Police official said.

Under Virginia’s first female speaker, it’s out with “he/him,” in with “she/her.”

The Democrat from Virginia has the support of two GOP senators in the wake of Iranian escalation.

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