Another injunction means Gov. Ralph Northam is blocked from removing the Robert E. Lee monument for 90 days.

After a Facebook group kicks him out, same information is posted on Reddit.

Virginia’s governor has asked courts to suspend evictions or delay scheduling them.

Message about Biden and “Aunt Jemima” posted on account of Luray, Va., Mayor Barry Presgraves.

Cox said Democratic policies and Gov. Ralph Northam’s handling of the coronavirus crisis are spurring him on.

Virginia officials say staff members at privately owned facility in Farmville have not been tested, prompting worries of spreading infections.

A holographic image that is being projected onto a Confederate statue to honor George Floyd will tour Southern states.

Officials blamed outsiders and white supremacists for stirring up trouble.

Jeanette B. Iten bucked public school Bible classes while leading Girl Scouts and making friends in Staunton.

The actions are buoyed by new state law, momentum of Black Lives Matter movement.

A life-size figure of Robert E. Lee and busts of seven others were carted out of the Old House Chamber.

A ruling on the case could come in a week.

Arlington County Board member Christian Dorsey lost his seat on the Metro board over the donation.

A bond referendum will be on the November ballot.

“There’s a minority subset of people who are uncomfortable with what’s going on in this country,” mayor says.

The county Board of Supervisors voted this month to remove the statue and give it back to the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

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Six candidates vied for the nomination at a day-long convention at the state fairgrounds.

The court settlement, finalized this week, stems from a lawsuit over the agricultural company’s sale of cancer-causing chemicals during the 20th century.

Judge Bradley B. Cavedo says his residence near Monument Avenue could create appearance of conflict, but his injunctions remain in place.

The General Assembly will return for a special session Aug. 18.

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