“You campaign one way and come down here and kill things silently,” its sponsor fumed at his GOP colleagues.

Bill approved by Virginia Senate drops threat of withholding city’s funds, but wants problem solved by 2025.

Corey Stewart, who led Trump’s commonwealth bid until his ouster, will run ads on Fox News.

Rep. Don Beyer said Trump’s values are the ‘antitheses of those I hold dear’

Republican strategist Ed Gillespie was at an MLK Day service event but sent a surrogate

  • Laura Vozzella and Gregory S. Schneider
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  • 3 days ago
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Republican Governors Association donates record $5 million to GOP, hoping to flip Va.

It’s Va.’s largest single political donation, but the RGA could take it back if prospects dim.

Del. Robert Marshall does not want legislative leaders to quietly kill his legislation

State senate, environmentalists and the EPA all are pressuring the city about its cleanup plans.

Republican Corey A. Stewart raises $10,000 in a drawing for the controversial weapon

Increasingly long “open- mic” sessions prompt council to limit the number of speakers, over mayor’s objections.

With a populist pitch, distillery owner Denver Riggleman formally jumps into the GOP race.

Alexandria hopes acquisition of Macy’s site will jump-start redevelopment in the city’s West End.

The Virginia governor’s mantra is “finishing strong” but the goals are modest.

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and former representative Tom Perriello are vying for the Democratic nomination.

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