Virginia Politics

A Schar School dean says that the Democrat’s strength in this former swing state could be a harbinger of the national race.

Some officials say there is plenty of time to seek reimbursements, but experts say they should act quickly.

The Democrat is wearing a splint on his right hand but he “can and is still signing bills.”

County manager warns affordable housing, school funding could be affected.

Virginia’s 2nd District candidates — who debated Tuesday night — will be impacted by President Trump’s unpopularity, an analyst says.

The candidates are locked in one of the most competitive races in Virginia.

A stone obelisk marking the combat death of the first Confederate soldier will go to a local preservation society, while two howitzers will become part of Manassas battlefield park.

Del. Sam Rasoul, a Roanoke Democrat, filed paperwork to begin raising money for next year’s contest.

Defenders filed suit, trying to save the last Confederate icon remaining on Monument Avenue.

Liberal activists see Yesli Vega, a former police officer, as a Trojan horse sent to weaken Democratic support among Latinos in the once mostly White suburb.

Last-minute compromise on redistricting language will postpone final budget action until after the November election.

Congressional candidate Cameron Webb raised $2.7 million in the third quarter, compared with Republican Bob Good’s $722,000.

Fairfax County officials had argued that the objects do not belong outside the courthouse.

Rep. Jennifer Wexton, a Democrat, is seeking a second term while facing a challenge from Republican Aliscia Andrews.

Virginia Republican has emerged as one of the loudest congressional voices on the dangers of radicalism.

After Internet outage, the deadline to register is now set for 11:59 p.m. on Oct 15.

Daniel Gade, Sen. Mark R. Warner’s Republican challenger, criticized Republicans wanting to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Democratic politicians said Trump’s rhetoric fueled the alleged kidnapping plot against the governor, while some Republicans said blaming the president was unfair.

The problem prompted a push for the deadline to be extended.

Residents can join six virtual conversations on health, education, transportation and other disparities in the affluent county.

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