Virginia Politics

Legislators will be forced to be more selective about what they file amid the pandemic.

Approved in Nov. 3 elections, new panel gets underway with job of drawing political maps for 2021 races.

Denver Riggleman (R-Va.) doesn’t believe in Bigfoot. But he learned a lot by immersing himself in the world of those who do.

Hilco Redevelopment Partners plans to transform the Potomac River Generating Station into offices, housing, retail shops and open space.

But organizers announce plans for a pro-gun caravan of vehicles through Richmond in January.

Republicans want to limit the coming session to 30 days after an 84-day marathon.

About 22,000 Virginians who have exhausted other benefits will be cut off Nov. 21.

The “Nation’s Gun Show” organizers sought an exemption from tighter coronavirus rules for an event that usually draws thousands.

‘Nation’s Gun Show’ organizer says the tighter restrictions will force it to cancel this weekend’s event, which is expected to draw thousands.

The veteran lawmaker touted his recent win in a blue district and his pragmatic approach to politics.

The prosecutor dismissed the charges. The police chief who filed them says she was fired shortly thereafter.

Speaker Filler-Corn orders virtual session after consulting with state health department, which recommended the move.

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) said he plans to work on legislation with the General Assembly. But the process could take two years to play out.

The Seattle-based company has worked to create deeper ties in the region as it prepares to move into its Arlington headquarters.

Economically distressed areas hope deals will bring jobs and tax revenue.

After an unprecedented surge in mail ballots, elections officials weigh what should be retained in 2022.

Many Republicans are challenging election results. Riggleman, Gade and Hogan are among the exceptions.

Republican Bob Good defeated Webb after accusing him of far-left positions that were not in Webb’s platform.

The Monument Avenue statue remains standing while its defenders prepare an appeal.

General Assembly began meeting in August, session drawn out by coronavirus.

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